When You Have a Head Wound and Can’t Wash Your Hair

The other day I was in a Fred Meyer parking lot loading groceries.  I was fully aware that someone wanted my parking spot, so I rushed and ended up slamming down the hatch of my SUV onto the top of my head.  It hurt so bad, but I was more embarrassed so I ran to the driver’s side and sat down.  I had to take a minute to make sure I wasn’t dead.  Moments later, I was bleeding.  I panicked and called my husband.

I ended up in the ER of Kaiser Permente where the good doctor cleaned and repaired by head gash with glue.  I was so relieved I didn’t have to get staples in my head.  The only bad part about the glue is that I have to wait 5 days to wash my hair.  This brings me to the main topic of this blog….how amazing R + Co Death Valley Dry Shampoo is!

My first exposure to this hair miracle was in a Birch Box about 6 months ago.  I immediately fell in love with the scent.  It smells clean and light, not like the usual granny smell others leave behind.  I also love the desert, so the picture on the bottle was another factor of my approval.

This product brings lifeless, greasy hair back to life.  I’m on day 3 of unwashed hair and I still look freshly shampooed!  There’s none of that chalky residue that seems to linger with other dry shampoos.  I love it so much, it’s now a definite staple in my hair kit.  Adds quick volume and texture to fine hair when you’re in a time crunch on set.

If you’re in the market for dry shampoo or if you slam a door on your head, definitely try R + Co Death Valley!



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