A Very Important Resource for SFX Artists

There are a ton of worthy, informative tutorials on YouTube.  I have watched countless videos on making realistic wounds and injuries, but I gotta say that Special Effects Guide of Real Human Wounds and Injuries is the BEST resource to have on hand.  Stuart Bray‘s careful selection of the most usual (as well as less than usual) injuries is the perfect guide to get you through your next makeup gig.

Knowing how the body reacts to injury is so important when you’re creating a makeup.  “Once you can better understand the way skin and human tissue behaves – what curls, what swells, what is smooth and what is lumpy, shiny, dry, flaky, clean or messy – then you can recreate and use the appearance of these various states and conditions to tell your story.”  Well said, Bray.

Do yourself a favor and buy this book!!!  Here’s the link!


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