I Made Halloween Clacker Gloves

I love Halloween!  365 days a year I find myself trolling YouTube in search of new haunt DIYs.  A month ago I came across Stiltbeast Studios.  If you’re a fellow horror enthusiast, this channel is one you’ll definitely want to subscribe to.

With hundreds of how-to videos, it’s easy to become inspired.  I found a video of homemade clacker gloves and decided to make a pair of my own.

Things you will need (available on Amazon):
10 packages of 90 degree connectors 
Durable work gloves
e6000 glue (he uses gorilla, but I don’t like the mess it creates)
Gorilla tape
1 package of replacement spark cartridges
Tools:  Screwdriver, pliers, a metal file and a razor blade
Here’s the link to the video so you can create your own clackers.